I've asked three of these questions in at last one, and sometimes two webinars, and in the community and for some reason they aren't being answered.
1. Are home office expenses eligible for forgiveness under PPP? Can the EIDL grant be used for home office expenses?
2. If I take the EIDL $10,000 grant and I choose not to proceed with either an EIDL loan or PPP loan, must the $10,000 be returned?
3. If I have only a personal bank account (as I’m an independent contractor) will my bank give me a PPP loan? What if my bank isn’t participating in the PPP program, how do I get a loan if banks are only working with their own customers?
4. You stated yesterday that EIDL loans over $200,000 will require a personal guaranty. Nonprofits don’t have owners willing to take that risk. Is there an exception. I know of a nonprofit that is already approved for a loan larger than $200,000 without the guaranty (although there may be collateral).