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sba loans under 350K
sba loans under 350K
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I had 3 employees leave after 2/15 that had nothing to do with COVID-19, one left for the cost guard, one moved to another city and the third left for another job with higher pay. I have hired to replace... (More)
as an owner of an s-corp, what date range should I use for calculating 2019 compensation including health and retirement? same period as the covered forgivable time frame in 2020? or just 8/52 of annual comp in 2019?
As an owner of a s-corp, does the cap of 15,384 include healthcare benefits paid and retirement benefits paid or does it only include cash compensation.
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sba loans under 350K
Two days ago SBA approved me for an EIDL loan. I applied for lost rental income for single owned commercial properties.