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EIDL Grant
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EIDL Grants that target low income communities are defined by Section 45D(e) of the Internal Revenue Code of 7 1986 as follows:“The term “low-income community” means any population census tract if the poverty rate for such tract is at least... (More)
ami kassar
CEO Multifunding LLC and author of The Growth Dilemma
EDITORS NOTE *Due to a publishing error, the original page for the December 2, 2020, post is no longer available, so we're reposting it here* Amisight 12/2 : SBA Releases Granular Data on PPP, EIDL, and EIDL Grant Recipients After... (More)

Applied on April 14. Got a deposit into our bank account on May 5 from the Treasury Department (with no further identification/information) that caused some confusion but upon reflection is likely the grant/advance. So far (two weeks later!) still no... (More)