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Asked a question 2 years ago

Has anyone that has applied for the EIDL received their 10k Grant? If so when did you submit your application? I am trying to get a timeline our application. Also, I just spoke to the customer service center for the disaster recovery loan and they are considering all old applications as well - you do not have to re-apply with the new applications.

Where am I?

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I submitted Monday 3/30 AM. I'm #59,000ish. Spoke to SBA on Friday---they said that they are working as fast as possible, they do not have a way to check status since it was removed from website, confirmed that if I had the 36xxxxx number that I'm in the que. As of noon 4/6 PST no money yet deposited

I applied on 3/30 and received grant today, 4/21. $1k per employee, no word from SBA or loan docs, just the grant deposit. 

I applied 4/1and received the funds this morning, 4/24. No communication from the SBA other than getting an application number when it was submitted. Hope you get your grant, too.