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EIDL Grant
Andrew Poag
Owner, Narrative Media LLC
Asked a question 2 years ago

Has anyone received their $10k grant/advance through the EIDL program? My wife's business applied on Tuesday evening. We got a confirmation number that the application went through on the website, but haven not received any further communication or funding in her account. Just wondering if anyone... A.) has had any followup communication via email or phone from SBA with regards to EIDL applications or B.) received the advance yet. If so how long did it take. Thanks.

Where am I?

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Hi Andrew,

I personally have not gotten mine but did apply Tues. 3/31.  I have heard a very few who just recently gotten.  My understanding is that the SBA reps will be checking your credit score 1st so that is one way of telling if your loan/grant is being processed.  Also the ones who did get it were also offered a 15 K loan at 3+ % interest Although that separate from the grant. So you may want to check if your credit report was checked by the SBA to see if you're in process.

I called, waited 45 minutes, they have no way to check status. If you have a confirmation number you are in the que. My number is ~59000 (last digits) but I know many in the 400,000

Applied 3/30 and received funds 4/17.  I did call when the advance didn’t hit the account after three days and was told the application funding was delayed by 2-3 weeks due to the overwhelming response.  Received 1k per employee.  Good luck.  

Applied on April 14. Got a deposit into our bank account on May 5 from the Treasury Department (with no further identification/information) that caused some confusion but upon reflection is likely the grant/advance.  So far (two weeks later!) still no correspondence/email of any sort confirming that the deposit is the EIDL grant, and no word on the loan status.

Yes, I received approval within an hour. I received funding within a day. Weird but it happened very fast.