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Matthew Glick
Managing Partner, Matthew Glick Legal Services
Asked a question last month

Does anyone know or believe there would be PPP FORGIVENESS ISSUES if a sole proprietor that's received a PPP loan or a company with a PPP loan paying a partner or LLC owner some sort of 'ownership draw' (i.e. up to $100k annualized as per the rules) if that sole proprietor or partner/owner also gets paid as a part-time employee of another, entirely separate business during the same period? I haven't seen anything saying this would be an issue but arguably this is some sort of 'double-dipping' that, as Ami Kassar would put it, would go against the spirit of the program.

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Rishi Khan
CEO Extreme Scale Solutions

I don't see an issue. But your draw as a sole proprietor is limited to (2019 net income)/52*8 if you earned less than $100K last year.