Today I received a general SBA email notifying me of a new streamlined application, even if I previously applied, and referenced the 10K grant whether loan was declined or not. I received something nearly verbatim a week earlier and I re-applied then (my previous EIDL app was under the old site and pre-CARES being finalized). Do I need to RE-apply AGAIN? This would be a second application post CARES, and a third in total.

On the first app (pre-Cares), I received a application # and a couple days later got an email updating that it was in process (3/24).

On the second app, which included the 10K box and was an updated app form, I was only given an app # when it was completed, but nothing else since.

I'm just very concerned about whether to do a third one and confuse the system, or if somehow my second application is not in.

Any guidance would be appreciated.