So here is the news this morning.  It’s personal: I have Covid-19.  Fortunately, so far, I have a mild case.  Besides having a bit of a sore throat and feeling like I have mild flu, I feel fine and am going about my work (isolated in my study).

My mechanisms for dealing with medical issues might not be emotionally healthy, but they have always worked for me.  Here is what I do.

When a medical issue comes up, I get 100 percent mechanical.  I treat it like business and try not to let emotions get in the way. I try to understand the facts, not get excited, and take the best path forward.  I use these tools if the situation involves me or a loved one. I suspect I inherited this trait for my Dad, who I watched lovingly take care of patients for decades. 

My second coping mechanism is always to feel fortunate.  Sure, it sucks that I have Covid-19 and I am in isolation for two weeks.   But guess what, I have a loving wife bringing me food.  I am hanging out in a nice air-conditioned room.  I have access to excellent medical care if I need it.   And I can’t transmit (well I better not be able to) Covid-19 over Zoom.  I can keep going.  My case is nothing like the horror stories we see on TV.

So please don’t be upset about my news.  Carry on with your day, work on your business, and do your thing.  That's precisely what I will be doing !!!