I recently surveyed a group of business owners and asked them if their risk tolerance was higher or lower than before Covid-19.  The responses were split down the line.  And the results worried me.

Many of us who read this morning blog are entrepreneurs who started our companies some years ago.  I invite you to take a minute and think back to that time.  Do you remember your naivete, determination, willingness to put it all on the line, and outright stubbornness? For some of us, we might long for that time again, and for others, thinking about it might bring about PTSD.   Whatever your emotions are, that time was real – and necessary for your current success. 

The challenge many of us face now is that we have to reignite that entrepreneurial flame we had when we started.  To reemerge better and more robust then we were before Covid-19, we need to lead with the same guts and, in some cases, foolishness as when we started.  We have to embrace all of the unknowns and uncertainties, determined that we are right - even though we know that we might not be deep down. 

How do you find your flame again?  Here is one idea.  Find a young entrepreneur to mentor.  Find a pitch competition online or in your community and go and listen.  Absorb the ideas.  Offer a helping hand.  Feel the vibe, and absorb the energy.  What I hope that you will find is that sometimes our students are our best teachers.