I will never forget the first company that I started about 25 years ago.  It didn’t go so well, and I ended up shutting it down.  Along the way, one of my investors and mentors gave me some sound advice.  He told me that running and building a company is like walking on a tight rope, and there will be many times that you feel like you will fall off.  And when you feel like you are about to fall off, you have to follow your instincts and do everything you can to re-balance and keep moving forward. 

He told me that there was a thin line between success and failure, and if you manage to re-balance yourself one more time, your success going forward could be tremendous.

My mentor’s words were beneficial to me back then when nothing was going well.  And they helped me keep getting back up with all the energy I could until the company eventually had no future, and we decided to shut it down.  But the advice has stuck with me while I have built MultiFunding.   There have been many points along the way, that I have felt like  I am falling off the tightrope.  And I have thought about his advice and kept going.

I know that many of you feel like you are falling off the tight rope during this challenging and complicated time.  Try with all of your power to re-balance and keep stepping forward.  There are brighter days ahead.  We will all get through this together.