I have had the great fortune to listen to and participate in many lectures and workshops with various business thought leaders from around the world.  Perhaps one of the most memorable was listening to Dr. Izchak Adizes of the Adizes Institute many years ago. 

Amongst other topics, Dr. Adizes lectures about Management Styles and uses the EAIP model.  He explains that great business teams are balances with four attributes.  E is for Entrepreneur, A is for Administrator, I is for Integrator, and P is for Producer.  It is almost impossible for any one individual to be strong in all four attributes. In designing organizations and teams, the goal is to find a balance between all four elements to be successful. 

Personally, I score high as an Entrepreneur and Integrator, and I am a terrible Administrator.  Years ago, Dr. Adizes made me realize this, and the importance of surrounding myself with Administrators and Producers.

That being said, at different stages in their journeys,  companies are more dominant in one of the four attributes and weaker in another. You can almost rank how your company performs in each area.

I would argue that in these times, the Entrepreneur component of the model needs to dominate. Companies need the Entrepreneurial flame that got them going into to manage all of the uncertainty of these times and push forward.  Companies need to lean in, and let the Entrepreneurs take charge right now – and balance out their teams accordingly, to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

You can take your Management Style Indicator on the Adizes Institute website.  I would encourage you to check it out