Following on from one of Loveawake most recent articles, ‘You Are Already Naturally Attractive To Women‘, I wanted to make a point about being ‘good with women’. Through out your life you must have seen guys out there who are good with women. We have all seen them. They are good with young women or older women. Asian women or black women. It really does not make a difference.

However the majority of these guys have never heard of ‘Pickup’. They have never learned how to approach a woman or how to attract a woman. They have not learned about openers, demonstrating higher value, routines etc. They are what we call naturals. Guys who we perceive to have this natural way with women that allows them to meet and attract hot women without the need for any routines.

The reason these guys can do this is simple. Biology. All men are hardwired in the same way. To plant their seed so that their legacy continues. So their gene lives on. We all have it in us to be great with women. It is the way we were designed by the great lord himself.

Problem is, I am sure you have said to yourself “I am not good with women”. I use to say it all the time to myself. To be good with women you need to be confident. It is a vicious circle. You go out. You watch other people approach women and have success. You can’t muster the courage to approach and so believe that you are not good with girls. This lowers your self confidence even more, convincing yourself even more that you are no good with women. So the circle is complete.

Confidence is a huge factor in being successful with women. This is what naturals posses more than anything. They will approach women and talk. Simple as that. They don’t think about what amazing stuff they are going to say. Why? Because talking to women is natural on a biological level. Not everything you say or do has to be awesome. You are better saying something than nothing.

Remember you could learn everything about how to attract women and yet will have no success unless you actually have the courage to approach and speak to them. A guy who has never spoken to a girl in his life and has no skill with women whatsoever would have more chance of getting laid if he had the confidence to approach. Someone who knows all the techniques to attract women and does not approach has no chance whatsoever.

Just by having the confidence to approach women you are increasing your chances of success by 100%. You can’t attract women if you do not approach.

So this begs the question, “How do you gain confidence?” Check out ‘Pushing Through Your Comfort Zone‘. This is a great way to build your confidence. Also can be done everyday gradually. Meaning that you are improving all the time. Very cool.

If you feel you want to learn how to attract women in the most natural way possible then check out ‘The Death Of Game‘. I’ll be honest, it requires a little bit of effort up front, but the results are worth it big time. It will benefit you not only in your love life but all of your life. From work to family. Check it out now, you deserve to be good with women.