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Amisight 12/2 : SBA Releases Granular Data on PPP, EIDL, and EIDL Grant Recipients

After long court battles, the SBA released detailed information about PPP, EIDL and EIDL grant recipients. What this means in English is that is your business received one of these loans or an EIDL grant, this information is now public knowledge and your friends and enemies can see exactly what you got.

It’s likely smart to check the data to make sure that your information is accurate.

A lot of websites popped out of thin air yesterday, providing quick and easy ways to search the PPP data, including Search PPP. So if you want to check out the PPP information, this might be a good place to start.
In a quick search this morning, I haven’t found a similar tool to Search PPP for EIDL data.

So if you want to dig into this information, the raw data can be found here 120120 EIDL, EIDL Advance, and PPP Data | Powered by Box. Prepare for your computer to go on pause while the info downloads.

If there is a reader who knows simpler ways to get the information, please share the link below

Here is the links to search PPP:

Here is the link to find the raw data: https://sba.app.box.com/s/5myd1nxutoq8wxecx2562baruz774si6