I hope that everybody had an excellent long weekend.  As I had some time over the past few days to slow down and reflect, I thought a lot about using the next few months to "hit the road" just like I used to. Since I have already had Covid-19, the chances of either transmitting it or getting it again are slim.

With this new "freedom," perhaps I should jump on airplanes, pick up in-person speaking gigs, and build face to face relationships around the country – just like I spent most of the last several years doing.   I could rush right back into my “old comfort zone.”  And yet if I made these choices, I risk quickly losing all the learning about speaking, communicating, and working over zoom.

This weekend, I also visited my office, where the calendars on the wall still say March, and we have not returned yet.  On the one hand, I thought this is dumb; we’re paying rent, let’s get back here and use the space.   And then I wondered about what would happen to a lot of the efficiency we have obtained by working at home.

Sure, it’s tempting as hell to return to "normal."  But at the same time, we have all learned a few things about how to work differently.   Some of our new habits are better than our old ones.  I don't know the answer yet to find this new balance, but one thing I can promise you is that the answer is not either black or white.