Is Labor Day seriously here? Is Fall about to begin? Time feels completely warped these days.  Do the last six months feel closer to six years?. Weeks run into weekends, and days run into nights.  I don’t have a sense of time anymore. 

This long weekend will hopefully give most of us some time to pause and hopefully reflect.  And here is one suggestion: take time to celebrate what is working.  Almost every entrepreneur I know has been forced to pivot and try a lot of new things. We’re almost on a treadmill of innovation.  And on this crazy ride, sometimes we forget to think through what we have learned and try to do more. 

Take some time this weekend to list everything you have tried and tested over the past several months. The list could include anything: how you work, how you sell, how you market, etc.. I bet that once you sort through the list, you will find a handful of items on top of your list that you have forgotten about.  Hopefully, in September, you can do more of those.

Enjoy your long weekend.  Try to take some time to rest, reflect, and enjoy your family.  I will see you again on Tuesday.