As kids, we are often asked to think about the question, "Who is our hero?"  Instead of thinking about the question as a person, have you ever thought about this question in a business context?

What business is your hero? Some people might think about this in terms of size or scale – looking straight at the unicorns.  My answer is different: my business hero is the local Exxon station in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, a few miles from my home. 

When any one of our family cars needs something, we go to Maple Glen Exxon.  We drop them off, and when they’re ready to get picked up, they let us know.  They do what they need to – and there Is never a question that they’re doing the right thing.  They don’t have to call to ask to authorize anything.  Our relationship is built upon 100 % trust.  I have zero doubt that I will ever be ripped off.

How rare is that?  My goal is for my customers to think about my company just how I feel about my local mechanic.  If we can accomplish that, I do not doubt that our business will survive pandemics or any other crisis that faces us. 

So what business is your hero and why?  And how do you try to emulate what they do?