A few months ago, I had a group of interns work on a report about what industries they thought would benefit from Covid-19.  There were some obvious choices like e-commerce companies and health care providers. There were some more cynical but reasonable picks like divorce attorneys.  The argument was that with couples forced to spend so much time in closed quarters and unable to travel, divorces and the associated disputes would arise.

Jewelers were not on our list of industries we thought could benefit.  And so last week, when I stopped in at my local jeweler to have my wife's earrings repaired, I was shocked when the jeweler told me that engagement ring sales have been through the roof the last few months.  I came back home and read several articles that validated his findings.

So why do you think that engagement ring sales are rising?  One cynical argument could be that people are afraid of dating during Covid-19 and are settling for the familiar.  And a kinder thesis in that with all the time we are spending together, couples are truly getting to know each other more deeply and want to make commitments to each other in an unsettling world.  What do you think?

On a separate note, I won’t be writing on Monday as it is Yom Kippur.  Have a good weekend, everyone, and I will be back on Tuesday.