As you might recall, I recently wrote an Amisight poking fun at the Senate for taking time out of their “busy” schedules to name September 25 National Lobster Day.  One reader of this blog, Kary Gunn of Selas Technology in Florida, took this information and evolved it into a new direction: National Lobster Month.  I love the free sharing and evolution of ideas that result from this blog, and with this spirit, I share Kary’s promotion.

JOIN US in turning National Lobster Day through October into a stimulus for small business restaurants and hungry families who have lost jobs during the pandemic.


  • Wear a lobster bib or red Friday, September 25, as we kick off a united campaign for small business restaurants and hungry families while eating or taking out at your favorite small business restaurant.
  • Take a photo eating or taking out from your favorite small business restaurant and post it with the hashtag #lobstermonth.
  • Don’t like lobster?  That’s OK! This is about supporting your favorite small business restaurant!
  • Through October 25, continue to eat at your favorite restaurants and share the hashtag #lobstermonth.
  • Donate $2.00 to the national charity organization “Feed America” to Help Hungry Families.

Hats off to Kary and her team for taking the time and effort to push this effort to the next level.  I hope we all join them in supporting #lobstermonth and that great ideas and support for small business owners and entrepreneurs will continue to flow through this blog.  So, what’s next 😊