About two months ago, I decided to open myself up to this blog and share how the stresses of Covid-19 had sent me to a cardiologist, and the EKG machine finally taught me after 51 years of life that I was not invincible.  Thankfully, all of my subsequent testings came out negative, and I get a green light from my cardiologist.

Perhaps more importantly, Tammy Weiler, a reader of this blog who I don’t know personally, shared with us the story of how her husband had used an app called Noom to help him with his weight loss journey.  I had never heard of Noom, and based on Tammy's recommendation, I downloaded it and started using it.  My friend from Inc, Laura Lorber, also pointed out that Noom is an Inc 5000 company and number 45 on the Inc 5000 list this year. 

Noom has changed my life by giving me the tools to think about and monitor what I eat.  There are no special shakes, pills, or frozen meals that get delivered.  I eat regular food.  The app encourages me to track what I eat, record it, and monitor it.  In about two months, I have lost 7% of all my weight. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like a whole new human being.

Sadly, it took a global pandemic and an EKG machine to change my ways, finally.  But to me, the beauty of this story is the insight I was able to take from a stranger on this blog, and how it helped me.  So thank you, Tammy Weiler.  I hope that we can all continue to share and grow together.