It seems that we finally got some unanimous agreement from the Senate last week: they took time out of their “busy” schedules to declare September 25, 2020, National Lobster Day. Seriously?

On the last check, eleven million Americans are still out of work.  Hundreds of thousands of businesses have already shut down, and more are closing every day.  PPP forgiveness is unclear, and companies need help.  The Main Street Lending program is running at less than 1 percent of it’s proposed use.  Meanwhile, the Senate cannot come close to any agreement on the next round of aid, but they are taking time to think about National Lobster Day.

Maybe we should all have live lobsters delivered to our favorite Senators' offices on September 25.  Or perhaps we should provide lobster masks for them to wear on the Senate floor. 

I know that I am sarcastic, and the lobster day resolution is symbolic. Still, the pain in America is real, and Washington D.C.'s inability to act and come to some form of agreement is frightening.  Instead of talking about lobsters, I invite the Senators to listen to some of the painful stories coming into our office of businesses that have been around for 30 years and are on the verge of collapse.

How should we respond to National Lobster Day?  Please share your ideas.