I have a confession to make. I miss airplane rides.  I don’t miss packing, getting to the airport, going through security, etc., but I miss the peace of a few hours of solitude on an airplane.  I miss the time to think, reflect, and put life in perspective.

So here is a “pivot” idea for the airline industry.  Why don’t they offer trips to nowhere with some of the grounded airplanes sitting around? The plane wouldn’t take off, but perhaps they can simulate the sound to feel like you are flying.  Everyone can be socially distanced.  Wifi won’t work, and no cell phones will be allowed.  No one can bother you.  Just a few forced hours to sit, reflect, and think. 

While the idea of a flight to nowhere might sound ridiculous, the concept of some downtime is critical.  As leaders, we all need to find new ways to getaway.  Our businesses and responsibilities are more intense than ever.  This change makes getting away and breaking out of our routines harder and even more critical.

What are you doing to find quiet space and time for yourself?  How are you breaking out of your routine every once in a while? Please share your tools and ideas with all of us.