Over the weekend, I spoke with a cardiologist friend of mine who had lost a patient the week before. My natural question was to ask him if the loss was due to Covid-19.  He gave me a different explanation and taught me a term that I had never heard before: COVID collateral damage.  His patient had been sick for about a month.  In his month, if the hospital was operating with normal testing rhythms and capacity, he could have saved the patient.  But the capacity restraints and delays due to Covid-19 are slowing things down. He explained to me that this was COVID collateral damage.

While the implications are not life and death, I believe that all our businesses have suffered from various forms of COVID collateral damage.  Our core processes have slowed down, or in some cases, we have pivoted and not adapted our plumbing and procedures to keep up with it.  These issues can create back-end dominoes that stress out our team members and can hurt our customers.

We have pivoted so rapidly in our business that we have struggled to adjust our back-end tracking and reporting systems quickly enough to keep up with the change.  And the pivot is not over.  So, we have to be sure to take the time to keep evolving our back end to make sure critical items don't fall through the cracks.  Sometimes the process feels like walking through quicksand.

Has your business experienced any COVID collateral damage?  What is it, and how are you working to resolve it?