Last week, I  wrote about the importance of all of us rallying together and writing letters to our elected representatives to demand further action to support the small business and entrepreneurial community.  At the suggestion of one of our readers, I have put together a sample template that I will be sending out this week.  I hope it is helpful for you.

August 31, 2020

The Honorable Robert Casey Jr. 200 N 3rd St., State Capitol Pennsylvania, PA 17120

RE: CARES Act provisions

Dear Senator Casey:

My name is Ami Kassar, and I am an entrepreneur and small business owner in the financing industry who resides in your district. While I support the CARES Act, I feel the restrictions to the relief programs in the bill are counterproductive to the intended uses for business owners.

Specifically, these are my primary concerns:

·        Businesses that have been hard hit need more PPP, and EIDL support legislation needs to be enacted to make it happen.

·        We need clear and final guidance on how PPP forgiveness will work

·        The Main Street Lending Program is not serving small businesses, and for those that are qualified, the program is slow and bureaucratic, with no incentive for banks to process the loans.  The SBA should be considered as a tool to help.

Many of the entrepreneurs I work with struggle to get the help they need because of these limitations.

(Take this paragraph to share your individual thoughts with him/her by telling your representative why the issue is important to you and how it affects you, your family member, and your community.)

I know there are talks about P4, and new guidance trickles in, but business owners need help now.  I urge you to refine CARES Act legislation immediately so business owners like myself, who fuel our economy, get the help we need so desperately.

I look forward to your response.


Ami Kassar

921 N. Bethlehem Pike, Ste 201

Ambler, PA 19002