I remember a few times when my kids were younger, and in the middle of a fight, I would put them in a room, close the door, and tell them not to come out until they had resolved their differences.  That’s precisely what needs to happen in Washington now. 

This weekend, President Trump took a different tactic.  Instead of pushing for a compromise, he took Executive Action on unemployment extensions, evictions, and student aid.  In the process of all the political posturing, many small businesses who still desperately need assistance and guidance on PPP forgiveness became collateral damage of the Washington, D.C., brawl. 

I don’t know what P4 will look like, nor do I know what will ultimately happen with forgiveness, but not dealing with these issues is not right.  Millions of businesses, many who read this blog, are hanging on by a thread. And many of their employees and families that they feed are caught in the crosshairs.

I am not naïve to accept the hard reality that there are businesses that will not survive Covid-19.  Some companies in specific categories who did not have a strong enough foundation or balance sheet just aren’t going to make it.  These owners deserve to know what aid will and will not be available to them to make hard decisions.  And on the other side of the spectrum, we need tools to help entrepreneurs reinvent businesses, double down, and invest.

It’s time for the politicians in Washington, D.C., on both sides of the aisle to quit their games, lock themselves into a room, and sort out their differences.  If not, we need to send them packing in November.