I sat down with Scott Omelianuk, the Editor in Chief of Inc Magazine and Inc.com. He stepped into this position mere weeks before the pandemic hit, and I wanted to know how he’s managed over the past year. Initially, one of Scott’s missions was to bring a lot of change to Inc. Needless to say, everything changed, but in a different way than he had thought.

“That’s a lesson for businesses, we can’t presume that the future cares about what our plans are so we have to be prepared for a lot of different things. Teams, clients, and customers are stressed about so many different things so you need an entirely new level of understanding and empathy.”

Scott believes that one of the things that helped lead the company through the pandemic was having a clearly defined mission to support small businesses. It was important to recognize that not everything was transactional and business anymore. There were people that needed help on the other end of everything they did. 

Prior to Inc., Scott was part of the teams at Details magazine, the Real Housewives franchise, Polo/Ralph Lauren and the managing director of the iconic This Old House. He has built a reputation for defining culture and using it to the advantage of clients and the benefit of consumers. Honored with the Ad Age A-List, its Idea of the Year award, and a Media Vanguard Award, Scott is known as a marketing and branding expert and champion of entrepreneurial thinking within small business and the enterprise. Scott is a professor of marketing and innovation and an entrepreneur in residence at the Stevens Institute of Technology. He was chief strategy officer for HumanConsult.io, a consultancy that helps companies perfect their purpose, master their narrative and strengthen their pitch for stakeholder and consumer alike. An author, investor, founder, and patent holder, Scott has been profiled or served as an expert source for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age AdWeek, CNN, the BBC, NHK, NPR, CNBC, MSNBC, and dozens of other newspapers, blogs and broadcast outlets around the world.

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