While we are hopeful that Congress is getting closer to an agreement on the next round of PPP, I wanted to share our plans with this community for when the legislation finally passes.  This plan is based on what we learned through the first round.

Here is our commitment to you:

  • We won't engage in speculation.  There will be lots of rumors and theories about what's coming next.  We will only share the facts.
  • As soon as the legislation comes out, our team will hide for 24 hours, study it, and prepare to explain it in English in a series of Aminars.  As soon as an Aminar is done, we will post it here and on YouTube for those who missed it.
  • If experience is a teacher, there will be many questions that we won't know the answers to as we wait for guidance.  I promise you that if we don't know yet – we will tell you that.  There will be a lot of fluff all over the internet: you won't find it here.
  • We will rely on this forum to share information and encourage people to ask their questions for collaborative learning.  It won't be humanly possible for us to answer every individual email and text.
  • As new guidance comes out, which it will, we will provide updated Aminar's, and when there is new content, we will let you know there is something new coming to respect your time.
  • The above efforts will be provided for free as a service to the entrepreneurial community.  We will not make any money brokering PPP loans and will consider our role to be purely educational.  We will offer limited private educational sessions for a fee for companies and associations that want to pay for them.

We know this is a difficult time for millions of small businesses.  This effort is our way of helping and hopefully having the maximum impact.