I get it.  Many people are frustrated this year.  For many of us, Thanksgiving won’t be what we’re used to. We might not have traveled where we wanted to.  And there is a good chance we won’t be getting together with everyone we would like to.

Here is another way to think about it.  Our country is at war against an invisible enemy.  A quarter-million people are dead.  If fighter planes were in the sky, about one out of every five hundred houses around us have been hit so far, and somebody had died.  (My math, there are about 138 M households in America).  Who would ever have dreamed that something like this would hit our land?

This Thanksgiving, instead of thinking about what my family and I are missing, I will be doing everything I can to change the conversation and thought process to what else we can do to help.  People are sick and hungry.  And this creates all kinds of social and economic dominoes.

Let me be clear – I am convinced that we will get through this, we need to remain positive, and things will get better.  Now it's up to every one of us to make it a little easier for someone else and use whatever skills and resources we have to contribute.

On a business level, the MultiFunding team will be getting together to brainstorm everything we can to help our community as our government negotiates and hopefully soon launches the next round of relief.  I will be writing more about this soon.

We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.