There is so much fear and despair out there; we can all do with a good news story.  So here goes: the MultiFunding family had its first baby on Friday: Noah Francis Miller.

Noah's dad Fran joined MultiFunding in May 2014, just after he graduated college.  At that point in the business, I was the customer service department and chief bottle washer.  Fran sat next to me at the table and slowly and steadily learned the trade. He soon became so good at what he did, and he freed me up to go out and speak, write a book, and teach.  Now he mentors and teaches new folks who join us and is a pivotal member of our management team.

Fran started at a low salary and lived at home.  His girlfriend Brianna, who he wouldn’t let us meet for a while, is a NICU nurse. They both lived at home and saved money. Soon they had enough money for a downpayment on a new house, got engaged, and got married.  A few months after tieing the knot, they were pregnant, and now baby Noah is here !!

I know it’s a crazy unsettling world, but solid, stable success stories like Fran and Brianna's will see us through.  Welcome, baby Noah !!!