In both debates so far, I don’t think I have heard the word entrepreneur mentioned once.  That’s a shame, as entrepreneurs are the ones who will drive the economic recovery, and the government should be giving us the tools and adjusting levers to help make it happen. 

I would love for a moderator to ask a straightforward question: If you are our next President, what will you do to encourage and incentivize and motivate entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses.  And it would be refreshing if we heard real answers to the question.

Tax strategies might be a piece of the answer, but I don’t think they are the main event.  The answer lies in creating liquidity and the tools to encourage growth.

To start and grow businesses, entrepreneurs need capital.  And the government can foster this by adjusting levers with the SBA. They can increase loan amounts, increase guarantees, and reduce fees.  They can work with regulators to encourage banks to take more risks, and not penalize them if they have higher default rates within reason.

The government can increase funding for small business development centers and SCORE and enter into public-private partnerships to give entrepreneurs the mentoring and community we need to grow and take risks.

America’s future relies on us, the entrepreneurs who will take risks to push our companies and our dreams forward and build for our teams.  Let's demand that our government and elected officials, on both sides of the aisle, give us the time of day.