It’s hard to believe that it's October, and we are still in the thick of this pandemic, and all the dominoes surrounding it.  To still be standing and evolving our companies, one rule must hold firm – constant innovation and growth. 

Take a minute and think about your company today versus February of this year.  How much has changed?  The answer is most likely a lot.  There are likely vast differences in how we work, the products and services we offer, and how we treat our customers.

For those who long for the return to "normal," will it ever come?  Some of the changes we have made are here forever.  And our challenge as leaders is to keep the changes coming and encourage them.  We have to learn from what is working better than before and keep adjusting to what is not.

Managing through all of this innovation is daunting and can feel overwhelming.  My suggestion is, don’t do it alone – we are all feeling it. Find time to sit down over zoom or in person, and journal all of the changes together.  What is the team happy with, and where do they think there is room for more growth.  Find ways to acknowledge what is happening and encourage it.  Celebrate it all, and live in the moment as hard as it sometimes is.