In March, my lease is up, and I need to decide what to do.  Are we going to shut down our office, stay, or move into a nicer space?

One might argue that the answer should be obvious.  We have learned to work virtually, and in fact, our team has expanded with members outside of our state.  With all of the world's uncertainty, why should we enter into a new lease or expense? We should shut it down, stay working from home, and save the money.

Then there is the other side of the coin.  Even though some of us are starting to come back to the office, we miss the chemistry of being in the same place.  And one of the dominoes of Covid-19 is that we could find a new office and space in an area and building at cheaper rates than a year ago.

I am leaning towards getting a new space.  There is a certain leap of faith, but I believe that it’s our responsibility as leaders to look ahead.  With all of the uncertainty, we have to think and project that there will be some sort of “normal” moving forward.  And while I know that the whole team might not come in every day as they did before, we will ultimately benefit from having a home for our team.

This decision is a small window into how entrepreneurs struggle with moving forward these days.  If you were in my shoes, what would you do?  And do you have a similar choice you would like to share?