As part of the new Covid Relief Act, there are tremendous benefits for new SBA borrowers.  These benefits will run out on September 30, 2021, or sooner if funding runs out.  As part of the benefits, borrowers will receive a waiver of all guarantee fees. You can also get up to $9,000 a month of principal and interest reduction for the first six months of the loan. This benefit is not taxable.

Some of the uses for SBA loans include: starting a business, buying a business, buying out a partner, consolidating debt, expansion capital, or purchasing your owner occupied building.

I will be offering an Aminar on Thursday to unpack the SBA program.  You can register here.  We have also put together a small infographic to help you visualize some of the savings opportunities. 

Correction and Update : Pls note that when this blog was initially published, the chart did not specify that this was based on a 10 year SBA loan which is typical for many SBA loans.  An SBA loan with a different amortization, would have different savings.