It’s hard to imagine that Monday will mark MultiFunding’s eleventh birthday.  And while I would ordinarily write about the birthday on the actual day, we have some big announcements planned for Monday, so I thought that I would reflect on the milestone today.  Funnily enough, I have the same excitement this week as I recall the week before we opened up our doors.

I know that my approach might be the path less traveled, but I have looked at building my company like running a marathon instead of a sprint.  And in this marathon, as we have hit the various one-year markers, the feelings have been different along the way.  Some of the points were lows when we were struggling.  Others were just another day.

This eleven-year marker feels like a milestone.  Over the past year, our impact and opportunity to help and serve has never been more substantial.  And for this, I am eternally grateful for our team (the Multiunding family), who has worked around the clock to help serve our community.  I appreciate our partners and our lenders who help us fulfill our mission.  And I thank every one of you who is reading this for being a part of our journey.

So happy birthday, MultiFunding !! And tune in Monday to learn about how we plan to run the next few miles 😊