I always try to steer my clients away from the big banks, cautioning them that if something goes wrong in the loan process and we run into a problem somewhere along the way, we could land up lost in a maze between multiple states, and everything could steer out of control quickly.

Over the last 24 hours, I have learned that I should practice what I preach. An inbound wire to my account  (yes I confess, I bank at one of the big banks) miraculously has not shown up for a week. Done being patient, I grew determined to tackle the mammoth monster and find my money.

Here is my status over the last 24 hours. I have spent 199 minutes (that’s three hours and nineteen minutes of my life) on 14 phone calls to seven different departments and spent another hour at my local branch. The furthest I have gotten is that a researcher will be assigned to my claim, and I can expect a response within ten business days. And the managers and supervisors are in "a meeting."

After I have found my money, I am committing to a change. Down the street from my new office is this beautiful three-story building called Ambler Savings Bank. I can’t imagine that there are more than 100 employees in the office. I don’t care how annoying it will be to change over accounts, direct deposits, debit cards, etc. It will be well worth the pain!