Over the weekend, Treasury Secretary-Elect Janet Yellen tweeted, "One thing that is clear from the jobs report: we need to invest in small businesses.  Not only will they be at the center of the recovery, they have been the hardest hit.  We recognize that and will provide assistance and focus on the businesses that support the hardest-hit communities."

I applaud the commitment to the small business community.  And I agree that hard-hit communities desperately need our support. And I will also argue that just focusing on the hardest hit business communities is not enough.

Recovery will be facilitated through good old fashioned grit and entrepreneurship.  Those who see opportunities and are willing to take risks, hire people, and grow.  There will be new industries and new companies that emerge due to changes in trends and patterns as a result of Covid-19.

I hope that as 2021 begins, irrespective of all of the uncertainty, many will smell a new beginning and want to take advantage of it.  We need to make sure these entrepreneurs have the tools and liquidity they need to take these chances.

The new relief act does an excellent job, in my opinion, of balancing the needs of the hardest hit and creating new growth opportunities, primarily through the benefits of receiving a new SBA loan over the next several months.  And my team is committed to our goal of educating one million business owners and entrepreneurs about the SBA in 2021.  Join us to learn more about the SBA and how you can benefit  on Wednesday at noon EST.